Relaxing Spa Facial Treatments

Spa facial treatments are designed to give you the experience you are looking for whether you wish for facial rejuvenation, deep cleansing or simply relaxation. Each facial skin treatment is customized and unique. We have created a calm, comfortable and private setting for your relaxation and revitalization. Your skin will be treated according to your needs, leaving you with a refreshed complexion and healthy glow.

Rejuvenation That Works

Any facial you receive leads to facial rejuvenation. Proper cleansing and exfoliation open the skin to receive and utilize high quality serums and masks full of vitamins and antioxidants.

Facial massage is a direct route to facial rejuvenation. The result of revitalized skin comes directly from the high quality touch during each facial skin treatment. Overactive skin may be calmed and soothed with manual lymphatic drainage and pressure points. Dull and devitalized skin receives the benefit of increased oxygenation, internal cleansing and nourishment.