Threading, Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting Services

Your Eyes

Perfectly shaped eyebrows enhance your features and frame your face. Let our estheticians help you find the perfect to enhance your features and frame your face. The length, shape and arch of your eyebrow will all be taken into consideration when professionally shaping your eyebrows.


A centuries-old technique, threading uses cotton thread to remove hair. A threader twists a thread into a loop and rolls it against the skin, moving at lightning speed. The loop acts like a tiny lasso, pulling out hair by the roots.

If you’re looking for ways to shape your brows or remove unwanted hair, this all-natural process is worth a try. With threading, you get both the expediency of waxing, because threading can remove multiple hairs at one time, and the precision of tweezing, because you can target individual hairs.

Benefits of a professional eyebrow shaping:

  • “Lifts” the look of your eyes and enhances your features
  • Defines the shape of your brows
  • Results in a clean, groomed look
  • The shape will be customized for your unique features and eye shape

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting Services

Sparse or light eyebrows? Consider an eyebrow tinting for a natural defined eyebrow shape without the need of filling them in with makeup everyday.

Our eyelash or eyebrow service will acheive dark, full lashes and perfectly defined eyebrows. Perfect for clients that have lighter or blond eyelashes or for someone who simply does not wish to wear makeup everyday. Choose from an assortment of colors for the most natural look.

Ourtint that is made from vegetable dye; therefore it is completely safe to use around the eye area.